Ludicrous Speed

Mind blasting through thoughts

My hand skipping every other word to keep up

So much to say

Don’t want to lose a thought


Misspelled a word but can’t think about that

Can’t stop to correct

I have to keep up

I’m losing this race

Thoughts running faster and faster

There is no way too keep up

Going to try to slow my thoughts

They are taking me

I can’t hold on

It’s gone

I’ve lose it

Looking back at what I wrote to make sense of where I was going

I can’t read that chicken scratch

I had felt it

Those words

They were so good

It would’ve been my best work yet

Now, they are lost never to be read

Crumb the piece of paper

No choice but to start again…

Day #397 SJD © 2021 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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