Remembering A Dream

Two Extremes 

A roaring silence 

And a crowded loneliness

Sharing the same space

Existing in the same moment

Clarity through confusion 

Saints finding themselves in madness

I follow them into a room

A single light in a room that’s visibly empty 

The light falls on an emerging face

The wrinkles of time and the pain of experience are it’s defining features

A tried and raspy voice, clears it’s throat 

“Wake up… the dream hasn’t finished”

I stare in the sunken eyes 

“You’re still sleeping, wake up.”

Shallow breathing breaks into a wild pattern

A deep breath breaks the rest

Up from the slumber 

I remember the voice

I hear it’s echo 

I can smell the room

I wonder am I still asleep

Do I know who I am

Refreshed and ready

Hold on to this feeling 

Day #381 SJD © 2021 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved

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