Leaving The City

Ever hear the silence in moments of chaos

Horn blaring, intense crowds and the sounds of a bustling city 

Yet to you it’s quiet as can be

You can year your heartbeat so clearly

That which doesn’t matter, is muffled 

I stop in the middle of a crowd

Look around at all the faces

Not a single smile

All worry, stress and misery

I can feel it poisoning me 

The intoxicating smell of failure and regret 

A scent must cities have, yet must people can’t tell

These people who are drowning in it

The rushing traffic turns to roaring rapids 

I push my way through to the edge of the crowd 

What’s left to do but to get away

Away from here so that it doesn’t pull me back in

Leave this city 

Walk away from the crowds and lifestyle

Find peace of mind over fun times

Get away from the insane thoughts of a mind that can’t sleep

A new places to call home 

I want to find that peaceful place that the crowds laugh at

But deep down it’s where they want to be

Only if the chains of this city weren’t so strong

One day they will break away

For now it’s just a routine 

Day #378 SJD © 2021 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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