What I Remember 

I can’t help but remember it 

The last fight, our last moment

Could’ve never imagined it

The day was so hopeful

I wanted to go to the movies

Life had other plans 

I can’t remember anything before that

I don’t even remember what the question was

But I do remember your response to it

“is that what you really think?,”

Showing my foolish youth,

Trying to front

I smiled and said “Yeah, why not?”

So tough of me, that’s what I remember thinking the most

It was late in afternoon when I got to your room

And it was really dark outside when I left

I learned then, there are times when some things should never be said

Not out of fear

But you never want to hurt someone you love

Or cut them deeper than their soul can take

I thought in my immaturity that I can fix this

Let you vent, give you space and all would be fine

I would text you tomorrow and see if it was safe

Then you texted me first

I was so cocky to think we were good

Then the ground shattering message 

You left my stuff outside your door

Please come get them or they’re being thrown out

That’s when it hit me

I couldn’t fix this and I cried

Nothing I could do this time

I destroyed the spirit of this relationship 

Had forced you to change 

I would only see you a few times in passing

Then never again

That hurt never left

Proof I was a foolish youth at one time

And all these years since

Still sorry for that pain

I will be sorry till my last days

Day #377 SJD © 2021 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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