I surrender

Before we even start, we fear how it might end

We tend to cast more problems that paralyze our actions

We trigger all the self destructive traps

All which we have set for ourselves

We look back and ask is it too late to turn around

All because it’s getting uncomfortable

The doubt starts to flood us

Why are we even doing this?

We see failure on the horizon

And quickly we surrender without seeing it through 

We scare ourselves into submission

Long before we’ve even tried

Panicked and alone

We have let our doubt win again

We have fed the wrong wolf 

The sun sets and the darkness rises with a depression 

It consumes us and feeds on our fears

Until all that we are is a dark depression of doubt

A former shadow of our hopes

We’ve left the battlefield 

Without having fired a single shot

Never knowing what could’ve been had we stayed and fought.

Day #373 SJD © 2021 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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