It’s Written

It’s been a long time since I’ve written

My penmanship hasn’t gotten any better 

And my spelling is still atrocious 

That’s not what has been keeping me

I honestly don’t know what it was 

It wasn’t writer’s block 

Or for a lack of ideas

I’ve got notebooks of ideas collecting dust

Maybe a lack of wanting…

I do know this

Its been a while since I held a pen

So much that my hand quickly cramped after a few lines

It feels good to put words on paper

Don’t really know where the writing will go

But I’m ready to go with them

I don’t want to promise I will write everyday 

Don’t want this to become a choir or a task

Or something we put on the calendar 

Nor do I intend to limit how much I write 

If today it’s one poem or a story and tomorrow it’s thirty 

So be it, the way of the pen

I will promise that I will always write

It’s not something I can stop from doing 

Embrace the purpose for my thoughts 

Day #369 SJD © 2021 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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