It’s Ticking Away

We set the pace of our lives

No one but us should

Commanders of our own time 

The worth of humans should always be measured in time

No amount of money can buy more time

We should look at it as this…

Your life is but a day in the universe 

We all hope to make it to midnight

Most only make it till night 

Others don’t even make it to the afternoon

Then there are some lost in the morning

And even sadder are those last before their first hour 

Your entire existence, to the universe, takes but a zeptosecond 

So who are we to think that anything holds more value than time

Love, live and inspire with the little time that we have 

Do what you can to ensure that time isn’t stolen from you

Make sure to give your time to those you value the most

For your time is worth all the riches of the world

Day #366 SJD © 2021 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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