For Reasons Unknown

No cause for this feeling

No illness

Healthy and good

Mind appears to be sane

Still something’s off

No motivation 

No drive or desire

No urge to grow

Why even bother?

Cynical, that sounds bitter to me

Maybe over failures 

What else can it be?

No other explanation

Maybe a sense of entitlement 

As if the universe owns me happiness

At this stage in my life

It should all be coming to me

Do I even keep trying?

What would be the point

Do I have to try harder?

That’s asking a lot 

So much more work

What else is there?

I better get after it

It doesn’t look like it’s coming to me

Get up, just one more time

Deep breathes helps get me through the darkness

Good thing I like the rain

This storm will take it’s sweet time

I will come out drenched on the other side

Some of it from the rain

Some of it from sweat and tears

They say it will pass

Hopefully before I burn out

Day #365 SJD © 2021 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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