Leave Me Alone

He had his brim lowered over his eyes

He pushed through a crowd

Avoiding eye contact

Making no connections 

Unable to avoid human contact 

A thought that made him cringe 

Occasionally looking up

But mostly at the ground

At the pavement before him

A sea of feet coming towards him

A crowd amassing around him 

Trying to consume him

Continuing to push through them

Suddenly the tide of feet recede 

The bumping of bodies stops

He looks up to find himself alone

Staring back at an empty street

Searching for anyone

A single soul

He lifts his cap for a better look

No noise, no people, not a soul

Was this how it was to be alone

From wishing it

To living it

What a very different feeling

How quickly a desire turns into a nightmare

He begins walking back up the street 

Looking in all directions

No one is there

He starts running from corner to corner

Looking down streets

But no one is there

All alone,  just like he always wanted

Day #364 SJD © 2021 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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