Now Leave

Excuse me

I can’t take this

Pardon me

I can’t look at you

Indulge me

While I break eye contact

Looking away to avoid your stares

That judgmental righteous you love to give

But feel some type of way, to receive 


I’m more like saddened 

I never expect much from the world

Or even expect much from a day 


The best way not to be disappointed

You, however, are not the world or the day

I entrusted you with more 

I don’t care for an explanation 

Nor an excuse

You ruined the friendship 

For people you can’t stand

Seeking their approval

Losing my respect

We will cut or loses

and end our acquaintance  

This is where we part ways

Better to be alone 

Than in bad company 

Day #356 SJD © 2021 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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