An Afterthought

I use to write a lot

Pages of ideas

Now I think too much

What great pain to stop writing

Miss the tangible

Deciphering my chicken scratch

An Old soul 
Trapped in what looks like a younger man

But merely looks

Definitely doesn’t feel that way

Always at odds with myself

Some things too crazy to imagine or say

Always debating with my other self on the simplest things

At times I felt alone 

I felt that I didn’t belong to either group 

Young or old

I don’t fit in with the current times

A mesh of both the worst and best 

Confused more than understood

It doesn’t make sense

Yet I don’t think it ever did

Feeling misplaced

A cup on the ledge instead of the cupboard 

Far away from the fine China

Just a daily use case

Funny how we just become objects in the bigger picture

Our value lost and significance misplaced 

Eventually we will all get thrown out

A mere imperfection away 

Will we ever find our place?

Discarded for a tiny chip

Who wants the broken

But let us remind them

That one day

They too will be broken


Day #350 SJD © 2021 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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