Lost in questions

Lead by rage

Fueled by anger

Where am I in all of this

Poisoning myself with everyone’s views

Tasting everyone’s hate

It drains me to live fueled by destruction

Words clogged in my mind

Streets stained with blood

Cruses coming from both sides

Who’s right, who’s wrong

When will we have a truthful moment

Not a moment of perspective

I stopped into to take a breath

This is suffocating the joys of life

Left with only the negative

What a world we live in

When only the negative has our attention

How do I let go of it?

How do I stop wandering?

We are all fools who are utterly wrong

Still we’ve chosen this to be or last stand

This to become the mountain upon which we die

Day #347 SJD © 2020 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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