Human Looking

Photo by Raphael Brasileiro from Pexels

Pain makes us choose

Mistakes make us doubt

Loss makes us remember

Too many thoughts

Some people are often forgotten

Frustration causes stress

Forcing us to search for answers,

Either in the stars,

In the past

Or in the Gods

We’ve lost

We’ve  forgot that we are human

Not suits, nor uniforms, nor labels

We are human

We’ve forgotten how to be human

Wondering purposelessly

Trying to find our way

With no light

No direction

No plan

We will remain lost

Yelling with no one to help

Until our throats bleed

Trust has faded

Whose’s left


We will be alone

All because we forgot how to be human

Day #346 SJD © 2020 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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