Crashing Awake

Photo by Alessio Cesario from Pexels

The teapot screams

Pull it off the heat

Day starts

My eyes still want to sleep

I slouch against the counter

It props me up

Make my tea

Drop it on the table

A splash makes it out

Look in the fridge

Chinese leftover

The best

Heat it up

Microwave or stove

The microwave it is

Too lazy or still asleep

Both good reasons

Sit down

Food on the table

I look out the open window

The ocean area crashes in

I’m awake

I hate my small apartment

But love the view of the Pacific

I will enjoy this while I eat

And then for a few minutes after

The world can wait

While I engrave this memory into eternity

Day #335 SJD © 2020 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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