Bleeding Mask


Never knew this terrible truth

We stick with false identities

A moral facade of what is accepted

The whispers in the unseen parts of our mind

They speak to what we want

They are who we really are

To afraid to show the world this face

What will the public think?

What will they say?

Pieces of us bleed through our mask

Occasionally scaring those who see us

Reminding us to always play the part

Hide behind the mask

For if they saw who we really were

We would be villainized

Looked down upon

The hypocrisy of life

To judge others on the very things we hide

Do my best to keep my mask on

Waiting for the day of courage

When I can leave my mask on the counter

And walk out into the world

So they can see who I really am

My perfect world would shatter

But chaos sounds like a good time

Day #291 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.


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