Scared To Triumph


Excelling at things I don’t love

That’s comes easy

No fear for the failure that doesn’t matter

No skin in the game to care

My dreams

A different story

Hold them close

Want them to be prefect

Their very best

Before presented to the world

Polished so everyone can admire them

Dreading the rejection to follow

Keep working on their perfection

Blind to realization that criticism is inevitable

Not one idea in existence has been loved by everyone

I realize this for things that don’t matter

Why not apply it to that which does

I’m scared to put my soul out there

Don’t want it to get beat up

I’ve gotten to a point where there are no more options

Question, what does a cemetery have most of?

Answer, great dreams & ideas

My dreams won’t die with me

I will let them out into the world

For the world to rip them apart

No worries

I will put them back together again.

Day #286 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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