Kiss Them


I was once a bad man

Did everything selfishly

If I lied, I lied

I cheated when I was bored

Took advantage

I would drain the goodness out of people

Leave them as empty as I

I was not a very good man at one time

I did these things while I was with someone

She didn’t know

Or so I thought

Then the cancer came

I felt worse for still doing these things

One day I was leaving for work

She kissed me as always

Her kisses always long and passionate

I stop and asked her

Why do you still kiss like this

As if it were still our first kiss

Her smile broke my coldness

Her response broke my heart

For those you love

You should kiss them as if you would never see them again

One day you won’t

And you will miss those kisses

I dropped my bag and stay with her

I stayed through the illness

Through the pain

Through her death

I stay with her even till this day

I want here kiss to be the last

The last that ever touched my lips

Day #282 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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