Bird’s View


A crow sits on the ledge of my bedroom window

Pecking at the glass

My heavy eyes open

It tilts its head

Looking at me

It doesn’t move

I close my eyes

Again it pecks to get my attention

My eyes open again

It stares tilting it head from side to side

What does it want?

I sit up it watches me with curiosity

It won’t let me sleep

I draw the blinds

It starts to bang and claw at the windows

I raise the blinds

Open the window and sit back on my bed

It slowly walks in through the window

We stare without breaking our gaze

This animals judges me

Without words I hear its berating voice

I rush towards it and it flies out

Then I slam the window

I crawl into bed

Drifting back to sleep

I hear it pecking again


Day #278 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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