Cold Echoes


Only my echoes are heard

In this darkness I see nothing

Feel nothing

Uncertain of what surrounds me

My echoes continue to carry

No response can be heard

Not an ounce of light

A blindness surrounds me

Alone in complete darkness

A coldness is felt in my echoes

Falling on death ears nothing to listen to them

Time no longer a construct here

I keep yelling but no response

My voice is starting to fade

Then sudden I feel it

My echoes aren’t falling on emptiness

Something is hearing me, something is listening

I feel the air change

I stop yelling

I can feel it’s presence

I can’t hear it’s footsteps but feel it getting closer

My space is getting colder

I try not to make a sound

I’m paralyzed with fear

Then suddenly in the darkness

I can see its eyes directly in front of mine

It takes my heat

Permanently leaving me blind, silenced and in darkness

Day #267 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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