Justin Time


When I read it

I did a double take

Why are they posting about you

Maybe I read it too quickly

I read it again

It was you

Was it true?

Then my feeds updates

And more people are posting about you

I ask what happen

Heart attack they say

A year older than me

But accomplished in your craft

Full of life and having so much more to live for

You hadn’t fulfilled your full potential

We will never know where you fell among the stars

It stopped me in my tracks

Crazy how death makes you think about life

Death can come at anytime

Why waste your life doing meaningless work

Why not live with a purpose

So when death comes you leave with a purpose

As you inspired many in life

In death you continue to inspire

Live, love and have a purpose

Don’t waste away waiting for death

When she comes to take us

Let her see she is taking someone who lived and loved with a purpose.

Day #266 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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