Wild Board


Out of thoughts

Laying on the ground deflated

The clouds moving ever so slowly

Finding it hard to breathe through my nose

My hand tracing my face

Trying to find the source of my pain

My face delicate to the slightest of touch

Blood slowly making it way to my eye

I can feel it crawl on my face

Blood’s  warmth quickly cooling from the breeze

It’s reached my lips and my tongue races out to meet it

Reach to wipe the blood from my face

My body screams, don’t move too fast!

The clouds mock me, as they move faster than I can

I try sitting up

It’s a long and painful process

What the fuck happened

I see a skateboard at my feet

Shaking my head

I’m too fucking old to learn how to skate

I get up and limb my way home

Constantly wiping the blood from my face

A kid running up to me

Sir, you left your board

Fuck that shit kid

You keep it

Looking like a cowboy after a shootout staggering towards the sunset

The fight was me, a skateboard, a hill with a sharp curve and the ground

It wasn’t good, it was really bad and I look really ugly

Day #254 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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