We Never Knew


Ever wonder why it didn’t last

This question has never bothered me

Today I saw a mirror image of you

But I knew from their walk, she wasn’t

I wondered, why didn’t it work?

Was I too demanding?

Maybe not enough for you

Did you give more?

Or did I take too much from you?

Was it mutual?

The break up that is

It’s hard looking back 20 years

My memories aren’t what they once were

You haven’t crossed my mind in over a decade

Can’t remember why we split

I don’t think I cheated

I was young and stupid then, so who knows

What would I say if I saw you

I mean not in the streets of New York City

How you hated this place

Did you hate it because of me?

What has become of you?

Would I even care to tell you about my life

Just like that you start to fade into the past

Maybe it was simply this

We never knew how to make us work

Day #251 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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