Need An Example


Responding to a cruel world
Not easy to hold my tongue
A piece of my mind I want to share
My complaints I want air
This world is ready for a verbal scolding
So much bitterness
No helping hands
Turning it’s back on one another
Everyone vying for the prize of which cultural group has suffered the most
Like crabs in a barrel
We extend our arms but not to pull each other up
Pinching and tearing at each other’s skin
No comprise, no budge and no give
No one will listen to anyone else
Horribly we treat our world
Not caring for what others need
We turn our backs
What the fuck is wrong with us
A planet where animals have more compassion than humans
I can spend my remaining days yelling
I won’t
I won’t add to the bitter tongues already out in the world
I refuse to add to the hate
Refuse to add more meaningless air
No I will swallow it all
I will move forward
I will try to be what I want to see in this world
I will make an effort to look past the hopelessness
To search for the hope that everyone else has ignored
I will change my attitude and wish some of the world does too

Day #246 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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