Solitary Confinement


Bitter are my words
Always feeling enraged
Storming in and out of emotions
No reason to hold them in
Yet I question why have them
Letting others get to me
Ruin my calm and posion my stream
Thoughts get polluted
Undesirable thoughts come one after the another
Trying to avoid them, but they come like a rapid
I take the self punishing thoughts
Disminish my self esteem
Listening to those voices drain me
The thoughts alone depress me
Deep is the cuts from the mental torture
They don’t wound the body
The bleed the soul
Dark is the places a broken person can travel
Dim is the light to a healthier path
I struggle this day
All to well I know the darkness is no longer my friend
Loneiless once a needed seculation
Now it feels like solitary confinement
The minute I can let go of the words
Put the voices on silent
My cell door opens and I’m free again
Free to join the rest of the world
Guilt no longer inflicts me
Tomorrow will be another battle
To see how fast I can get out of solitary

Day #245 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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