Talking To Walls


Why even bother
Nothing can change their mind
As they say… I can’t be swayed to believe what others say
I live and die by my believes
Wrong or right they are mine
With a fist in defiance to sanity
Not logic nor common sense
None of it will my mind change
I refuse to admit I was wrong
To admit that what I follow is wrong
No, I will not seek a compromise
I will only stop when it’s done my way
Don’t you raise your voice at me
I can yell at you, but you can’t yell at me
Because I’m right and your dead wrong
I feel sorry that you don’t see things my way
Sorry that you need the truth, truth is overrated
You need to know what’s right
You are fools for caring about facts

And this why I don’t talk to walls

Day #243 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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