No More Thoughts

Always in my head
It’s crowded in there
So many doubts, questions and fears
Creating problems that don’t exist
Constantly wasting time the more I think
Preparing for anything is a monumental task
Overthinking has become part of my mental workflow
Reliving the past to see how it could’ve been different
Still nothing can change what already happened
My mind is and attic filled of old unless thoughts
Thoughts that should’ve been tossed out the mintue they popped in my head
All this needs to stop
I waste time thinking never doing
Thinking a perfect time will exist
I will never be able to plan for everything
At one point you just have to get started
And adjust fire from there
I created more problems than existed
And tried to solve for problems that will never exist
I need to start a fire
To light this attic
End all the thoughts
Just do
I will think later

Day #239 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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