Wild Inclination


Expectations never fail to discourage
Shortcomings are an all to common virtue
The pedestal of greatness often has the wrong idol upon it
We are told that lies are virturous traits
Laws are said to be morally correct because they are righteous
No reason to question the established
Only the rebellious unappreciative question what’s is the norm
So what about those who don’t follow what is given
Those who question all
That don’t look at the “truth” presented before them
Rather dig for the truth that is purposely hidden
We know laws are not morally right since slavery was once law
We who question an establishment that has worked for a few
The few who always want more for themselves
Before you know who we are, make sure you know who you are
Are you the lied to or follow whatever is said blindly?
The blanket of ignornace that makes it easier for you to live
Not realizing the problems means not needing to care
Look the other way why beating your chest for injustice
We neither look away or enjoy the lie for our safety
To stay quiet would be to be complicit in the deception
No longer part of the hive
Creating our own nectar of knowledge

Day #238 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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