A November Mist


The early morning mist immerses me in it’s arms

The cold air touches my face 

Not enough to freeze me in my tracks 

But enough to let me know that winter is only moments away

With coffee in hand I brace the cold

The valley has disappeared from my back yard

Only a white fluffy curtain emerges

As I walk the wet hand of the mist grazes my face 

Awakening every inch of my skin that was still asleep

A feeling of fear and safety encircles me

Complex and complicated 

The unknown of what lies in the mist

Interrupted by the feeling of being cocooned by a cloud 

What could possibly hurt me inside of this

I could sit here all day 

Drinking my coffee 

Looking into the misty unknown

Wondering the endless possibilities that lie beyond it 

A refreshing feeling 

It detoxes me from the stress 

Thinking of nothing important

Just the mindless 

Giving my overworked thoughts a break 

A welcomed escape inside this November mist 

Day #235 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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