One State, Two Countries


A city boy in the country

A whole different world completely

The air and openness incredibly refreshing

Dare I say invigorating

The city streets are crowded with the smothering feeling of smog

Incredible to think we can breathe this and believe it’s okay

Only the sound of nature and occasional car passing exist

So far removed from the crowds to find peace

An openness that is new to me, and exciting and scary

A thrill to truly be this free

Where I come from, to be claustrophobic is not an option

People push past you, no mention of apologize

Instead you are guilt riddled by looks for it being your fault

Dare I say we are free, but at times it feels like prison yard

All around, people are staring and plotting against you

Your guard is never down

A product of my environment to see the worst in people

Would I fit in here, where kindness is a thing

What a world it would’ve been growing up here

I don’t want to return to a place where the rats fights for the last crumb of pizza

Where everyone expects you to give them a dollar

As if you it was your responsibility to help them

Knowing very damn well you live there too and you aren’t better off

I’ve only been greeted by smiles not looks

I ask questions and people are happy to help

They don’t suck there teeth when I ask a question

Two different worlds

Two different countries

All within the same state

How is this possible

These two cultures exist so closely and yet are so different

Maybe in my next life I will be born in the country

A country boy just visiting the city

Day #234 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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