False Take


I sit wondering

Reliving what I did wrong

Slowing down the moment to see where it came crashing down

Trying to find that exact instance which changed the course of events

Maybe it was something I said

Or how it was said that caused this rift

Playing back the same moment over and over again

An editor working on this movie called Life

Trying to see if there was a better take

Imagining the right action and words for the scene

Still nothing changes the fact

The moment has past, no getting it back

Playing back a moment to learn from a mistake is called growing

Reliving the moment with the hope of changing the past is nothing but torture

It can’t be changed

Life isn’t a movie, bad takes can be replaced with better ones

“Take 2,” in life don’t exist

All that is left are lessons to take with you for the next scene in life

I walk away from the playback booth in mind

Taking we me the hope that I don’t make the same mistake again

Life is a one take wonder

Day #233 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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