Smallest Signs


The most insignificant moments can create the biggest actions
An ember can ignite a forrest fire destroying all in its path
An idea, no matter how small can change the world and impact the stars
To often we look for signs
And disregard the minuscule
Every great storm has started with a single drop
In a group the smallest item can change the landscape
Finite gives way to the infinite
We cry for success to be immediate
Those who know success, know it’s the accumulation of many little failures
Even in our own creation
We began as an insignificant size
How easily do we forget
Quickly dismissing the tiny things
The smallest moment can be the catalyst for the biggest dream
A King started with a dream
And all journeys have started with that first step
I will start mine with the tiny voice I hear
I will turned it into a holler
Then into my passion
Then into a movement
And it all started with an infinitesimal moment
A moment in which I asked
What is causing me the biggest pain?

Day #232 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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