Self Imposed


Not easy to face the things that are happening to you

Sometimes darkness envelops your world

I want to see daylight, I want to see the sun

It’s blotted out to me

Don’t see any colors, just pitch black

No direction to go in

Can’t tell if my eyes are open or closed

The darkness is all the same to me

I scream and echos greet me in the darkness

The cold surrounds me

It’s one of those days

I would’ve even preferred a cold winter’s day

Is this my life, my reality?

Or is the a self constructed fantasy

A self imposed punishment

Either way it doesn’t matter to me

I have to break out of this exile

No longer punish myself

Just have to get out

Open my eyes

At the edge of shore I stand as the suns breaks the ocean’s plain

So far away and yet it can still reach me

I let the sunlight warm me

Before I return to face the cold darkness again

Day #231 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.



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