Feeding Fire


Sometimes a simple word

An act that inspires 

A motivational quote 

It ignites what was pleading to be on fire

Sets you off on a mission

Clears the brush to show your path 

Its your discipline 

The grit inside of you 

A determination to no longer eat shit

Whatever you want to call it

Fan the fire

Keep it going, feed it what it needs 

Sacrifice your weakness to the fire

It will harden you like flame to steel 

It produces change within you

Remember the circumstances that got you here

Relive the moment to breathe new life to your fire

Finding new ways to overcome 

Whatever it is that moves you to become better

Continuing feed that fire 

Until it becomes a wildfire 

A force that can’t be stopped

Those who try will regret that decisions 

You’re a wildfire ready to scorch the old and give raise to change

Day #228 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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