Running In The Rain

I miss the rain
In my youth I would run out
At the first sound of thunder
Letting the droplets crash against me
I felt a great relief and calm
It would take with it all my problems and worries
Let them roll off me as the rain did
My mother yelling to get back inisde
And not to get my clothes wet
I took a few beatings for that
They were all worth the feeling that the rain brought
Didn’t care about what people thought
As I got older I would still walk in the rain
But my friends wouldn’t
Not to be an outcast I would wait for it to pass
Still when I was alone I would walk in the rain
As I started to date and I stop walking less in the rain
My youth faded and so did my limited time to spend in the rain
Them came my daughter
One day she stood looking at the rain
Tapping on the glass door
I got up and opened the door
Her and the dog ran into the rain.
I ran after them thinking it was a mistake
She was right the whole time
We played in the rain running around
Until we heard the voice telling us to get back inside
We looked at each other and kept running around
She shared her youth with me
And I shared the memory of my youth with her
Rain washed away all my sorrows and put me at ease
I’ve missed this feeling so much
I won’t let it go again

Day #225 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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