Chess Piece


I was always meant to fail

Never expected to succeed

A flawed process

Engineered to work that way

With the purpose of having me questions myself

Creating doubt about my convictions

Putting all that you have learned into question

It should have worked

I did everything right, and it still failed

What am I doing wrong?

A cruel joke to play on anyone

A useless feeling to invest so much into something

It crushes the spirit

Then like nothing they swoop in

Try again, studying harder, take more class, get another degree, get more in debt

That’s the answer

Just sink more into the rabbit hole

You can’t win if your are a pawn

Only players make moves

Everyone else gets moved around

Step off the board

No longer move in a limited direction

Day #224 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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