Lead Astray

For no reason do we fight
We argue off false facts
Driven by clickbate headlines
Whispers turn into hollow roars
With no truth behind the aggression
All opinions of fools who believe they know best
Their personal lives a complete mess
Yet they alone should be listened too
Even sheep know better than that
How low are those who still listen
What’s lower than sheep
Apparently we are
No desire to look for truth
Rather regurgitate the same shit already said
We have engery to get enraged
Raise our fist and complain
That engery bettered served in search of facts
All too often we are played
Both sides of the coin want the most clicks
Regardless of the cost to society
At each other’s throats
Being mislead to hate
Steered far from a common ground of understanding
Fogged by a confussion of what’s fact and lies
To often do we fight about the same thing
Instead of understanding what’s really the problem
Lead astray by clickbate
We walk to the edge
Willingly to take the plunge

Day #223 SJD © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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