Late Night Fortune


Never thought of it
Gave it no time
Worried about other priorities
Lost in work
Accomplishing everything others needed me too
Forgetting the whole time I had my own things I wanted to do
Still I press forward for the sake of doing good for others
And making excuses, forsaking myself
Too tired
Not ready
Needs more work
Excuses never prevail
At this pace neither will I
Wanted to prove reliable to everyone else
Never reliable to myself
Why give so much to others
I’ve lost time
I lost a part of myself
The stranger who looks back in the mirror
I don’t recognize that guy
Looks like a man of empty promises
That has never kept his word to himself
Alone late one night
Very little friends
Eating late-night Chinese food
Stuffed like all hell
Still feeling empty
Only thing left to eat, a fortune cookie
That reads “organize your life around your dreams — and watch them come true.”
I never even got to eat the cookie
I walked away with my future in hand
No time to stop and talk
Dismissing all others
I have to built myself a dream
That requires my time
Undivided with anyone else
Day #218 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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