Distracted Mind


I think better on my feet
Helps me rise to the occasion
The blood flows up to push the stupid down
Clear headed and recharged
My mind thinks through my dilemas
Interesting how hard the mind works
I like to pace too
Back and forth I walk
My mind talking to itself
Bouncing ideas back an forth
A volley of thoughts from two geniuses sharing the same space
So in depth and detailed are the thoughts
The ideas just flow, while I watch my mind work
Suddenly my thoughts wonders off to the subconscious
I let the conscious mind work
Can still hear them debating
While I slip away
Unknown to me what my body is doing
I’m floating carefree
Nothing can stop me as I daydream
Something is off everything looks slanted
Pulled back to reality
Find myself on the ground
That’s what I get for not paying attention
My mind to busy with itself debating ideas
It didn’t play attention to the chair
In pain and mad, things only gets worst
I’ve forgotten what I’ve was thinking about
Not sure if my mind had figured out the problem
Maybe this time I will just stand
And if I need to move
I’ll just sway back and forth
My knee still hurts

Day #217 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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