Self Inflicted


I’m dying inside 

Dying from my inability to create

Create my ideas, my passions, my dreams 

Make them reality 

Working on others’ dreams 

Shelving my future

Not bitter but rather feel my soul rotting 

Ideas rotting from just sitting out in the open 

No efforts to bring them into existence 

Aborted before even being given a chance 

Before life was even breathed into them

Because I was to busy working on the dreams of others

No time made for what clearly is part of my soul 

To make it worse I judge those who give up on their dreams

They at least tried 

I’m not sad but rather depressed 

No one to blame but me

I have all the power in my life

And I’m giving it to others 

To control my time and my future 

Is this what a chained dog feels like 

Controlled by masters

Have I not learn I’m the master of my life 

To live and die at the same time

Live to work for others 

While my passions and dreams die 

Depression is born in this place

I’m dying by my own hand 

I’m left to revolt against myself 

The weaker the two wolves must die 

The stronger one will break from his chains

He will run free, his time belongs to him

Living for his dreams 

Today I stop dying inside 

I will create my life, on my terms, on the foundation of my dreams

Day #213 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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