A Different Path


I once walked on a road that was crowded

Everyone was going to the same place

They all wanted the same things

All thought the same way

More and more people would everyday

The more that joined, the more I felt uneasy

I couldn’t breathe, as they sucked the air out of life

Soon I realized we all looked alike, dressed alike and agreed on everything

Not because we believed those idea, but rather to fit in

One day I stopped and turned around and faced the crowd

The stares and looks I got

I could hear people mumble and talk about me

They wanted me off the road because I was not the same

I pushed my way through, bumping people in my path

I didn’t care to be like them or even dream like them

I couldn’t do this anymore, not even for one more day

I stepped off the road and walked in my own direction

I was done being liked, and trying to fit in

Today I stood out and stepped out on my own

No longer caring about being alone

It’s better to be alone, than in bad company

Day #211 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.



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