Puzzle People


Tortured souls belong to broken people

Too often troubled by their past

Holding onto ghosts as if for dear life

Reliving painful moments

Instead of letting go

Chained to the same path

Unable to break free

No way around what haunts us

Wearing fake smiles to fool the public

Trying to ignore what bothers us, in hopes it will go away

They manifest in explosions of angry for the most minute things

We never bother to share what plagues us

Hide it in the dark, never to shine a light on it

It will go away, and if not I will just ignore it

Primitive our solutions, and ineffective too

Imaging try to piece together a broken vase

Whose pieces just keep breaking even more

The momentual task that a broken person faces

Only further complicated by a reluctance to ask for help

Just another burden to take

It puts more pressure and weight on the broken

Causing the vase to break even more

We are the people of the broken vases

A puzzle waiting to be solved

Day #209 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.





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