What’s True


The truth is not bitter

It’s just the truth

The only bitter part is how it tastes to us

Our senses are dull from high expectations

And when reality destroys those expectations

The truth appears bitter

It’s only our perception

The truth is not brutal

The only brutal part is how sensitive we’ve become

We perceive only our problems as relevant

When a harsh reality outside our bubble presents itself

We blame the truth for its brutality

The truth is just the truth

The brutality is just our perspective

The truth is not to blame for our lack of acceptance

Trying to dispell it will not change the fact that it’s true

It wasn’t made to prove your point

To make you feel better

It is simply meant to be true

Accept it

Tolerate it

And learn from it

Fighting the truth is like pissing into a hurricane

You will end up wet from either the rain or piss or both

Day #206 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.






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