Who’s Free


What good are we

If we aren’t free

Constrained to these rules

Arbitrary rules created long before we were born

Made by people who served their own interest

So why follow such rules

When those who created them didn’t

Rules that were meant to incarcerate me with imaginary chains

My life no longer my own

Who does my freedom belong too

Corporations are the holders of the imaginary chains 

We learn Algebra II in high school

But never learn finance or money

The very thing that makes our world turn

We are blind and uneducated

Our poverty is due in part to our miseducation

To be free doesn’t me out of real chains

But rather to be free from even the imaginary chains

Almost no man has freedom

Those who think we do, are wrong

They only look at their wrist for proof of chains

Work your 40 plus hours to pay for the very rules that take you freedom

Who lied to us

Freedom isn’t free and neither are we

Day #205 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.




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