Bitter Reflection


Standing in front of the mirror

Staring at a man who stared down a good life

Who walked out on everything

A man who’s childish errors still haunt him

A shell of a man

Empty inside from bad choices

The cost of his mistake demanding a high toll

The price, years of his life

His past was the best part of his life

The present a bitter scar worn on his face

His memories creating a multiverse of what he should’ve done

This broken man trying to piece together what’s left

The crumbled pieces of a previous life

Still after all these years

No clue to why he did it

Living a present nightmare

Dreaming of a better past

He can’t stand looking at this failure

He hates this game of looking in the mirror

The face that stares back

That of a worthless man

Unshaven, unclean and with no care for himself

The reflection of the man starring back, too much take

Day #199 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.


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