Off My Chest


Don’t know

Don’t know anymore

What to say

How to express my rage

My discontent with the world

Every way will be criticized

Overtly sensitive people judge like a pious priest

Their sin’s forgotten for they are woke

How easily they forget their wrongs

Instead, they look to crucify you

Can’t they see

We both hate the same way

Still, they won’t judge themselves

They rather smudge others

Whole appointed them the holiest

Asshole can’t be holy

Hypocrites all

At least I cop to my shit

No excuse for what I did

While others blame the world for making them do it

I want to scream into their faces

You aren’t really shit!!!

It won’t make a difference

I’m disillusioned with the path the world has taken

Gone are the days when you could punch someone in the face

Everyone hides behind their social media handles

Internet is their safe place

Continuing to talk shit

With the nervous to talk about bullying

I want to scream you are doing the same shit!

My grandfather was right

Everyone grows old, but not everyone grows up

Day #195 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.



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