We The Hunted


Hunted are we

Running to hide

Hearts on the verge of bursting out of our chest

The thrill of the hunt a terrorizing emotion for the hunted

Not knowing if it’s okay to slow down

The pounding on the ground

A burning sensation spread through my legs

Not sure how long I’ve been running

Can’t slow down

A quick glance over the shoulder

But nothing there

I can still smell them

I hear a branch break

They are still there

Still in pursuit

Can’t let up

Fear turning into adrenaline

Burst of energy

Stride for stride

The hunters keep up with me

My legs are on fire

My chest bruised from my heart’s pounding

The scent no longer there

The footsteps behind me have stopped

I will keep running just a bit more

Had they caught me

I would have been chained

In a cubicle, with a salary, 401k and Outlook box that never clears

Looking out the only window dreaming of freedom or death

What kind of life would that be to live

Day #194 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.





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