This City


Rusted and decrepit

The city around me dies

Abandoned building litter city blocks

Far worse are the abandoned people

Litter grows, as if it were an urban weed

Dying trees suffocate from all the smog

The sewers making it’s presence known through smell

Alarms and yelling fill the air

The occasional car blasting music passes by

Pollution for all the senses can be found

Corruption the common trait among city employees

Federal Convictions for our Mayors and Police Officers

Still the people elect the same kind of officials

Crabs in a barrel have a better than the people of my city

Obama came, but the change never did

Damn shame what the city has to endure

There’s no Super Heroes coming to avenge us

No Billionaire to bring justice

The people are tried

A vicious cycle to live

The next generation will argue for change

And in 30 years someone will be writing an update version of this

The only constant is the suffering

Nothing changes or improves, except for our phones

Day #174 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.


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