My Struggles


Dark are the place I see

Where I go to hide from the world

I walk down the dimly lit path

Looking into the shadows to see what’s hiding

The horrible things a mind broken mind creates

Monsters I have to kept caged

Never to look at them, never to let them free

I walk this path everyday to make sure they are locked away

I search to see what new dangers I’ve created

In those dark and shadowy corners I stop to listen to what they say

Some whisper insults, others question to make me doubt

It’s the ones that talk about the horribles things they can do

Those I are those who I step into those shadows to fight

To get under control, to lock away

Sometimes throughout the day I freeze and go blank

I hear something lurking something that might need to occupy a cell

I won’t them occupy my mind or my thoughts

They can’t have my life

Everyday is a battle to ensure they are locked away

Somedays leave me scarred and bruised

No marks on the outside because they are all from within

I have found it easier to walk those dark paths if I focus on the light

Find something to make your light and let them be your strength

I’m truly afraid that one day something bad might happen to my light

Which would crush me and leave the cages vulnerable and incapable of closing

For worst is if someone where to take my light from this world

In that case I would open the gates myself and unleash those monsters

The tragedies that would ensue not even history has seen

I don’t believe in the new Gods, I return to the Gods of old

I ask the Old Gods to never that happen and hope they listen

Everyday is a struggle some days are better than others

Day #170 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.

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