Just jump it’ll work

Like the kid who got  stuck the tree he climbed

His friends encouraging him to jump down

On that edge scared out of my mind

Options were I stay there till my parents came looking for you

My friends run for help and they bring my parents

Maybe I jump and get hurt and have to lie to my parents

Or I jump and nothing happens

The fear of my parents and punishment was to big to bare

I always jumped

The worst that happened I got bruised

But I always got back up

Still climbed more trees and took more jumps

Got up and did it again

So why is there fear when you are an adult to jump

Jump into your passion

Leave the job for your career

Jump into the life I dreamed of instead of living the life the world handed me

Take the jump, there are no parents to punish you

Instead they will be there to help me back up

Take the jump, because the more I wait the more time I lose

Time the only thing I can’t change or get more of

Take the jump, because there are jobs everywhere but not opportunities

If I fall on my jump then I will get back up, I’ve done it before

Take the jump, because living with regrets is the worst thing to live with

I want to live a life where I have tried and failed, rather than never have tried at all

I jumped

Day #166 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.








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