The Question Of The Day


I ask myself a lot of questions

My mind runs rampant in the mornings

Questions with no answers

I’ve plagued myself to find solutions

To make sure I answered as many questions as I could

To move forward when I had all the answers

Strange that life doesn’t give answers from birth

Even stranger that most answers only come after failure

Waiting for the answers has stalled my life for 38 years

I’ve decided that I will answer these questions as I move forward

No longer waiting for answers to act

Risk means failure, growth, change, and reward.

It doesn’t contain any mention of waiting

I’ve failed so many times, but not because I’ve tried

I’ve failed because I’ve waited rather than taken the chance

Waited for answers that never came

It won’t be the reason I fail anymore

Questions still haunt me in the mornings

Let’s see what answers the road I’ve chosen holds

I no longer wait to have all the answers to mitigate the risk

I will find them on this journey

The scares of failure will be my payment for the answers

The only question I concern myself with is what’s for breakfast

Day #163 SJD
Copyright © 2019 Segundo Juan Devora. All Rights Reserved.



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